Toyota Entune language questions

Over the past weeks, here at the Toyota Entune Forum we’ve seen a bunch of questions all centered around the Toyota Entune language support.

* Are there different languages for Toyota Entune?
* How many languages does Toyota Entune support?
* Does Toyota Entune have multiple languages?
* What languages does Toyota Entune support?

After thoroughly looking over the Toyota Entune website, we couldn’t find any information that talked about multiple languages, but we also couldn’t find any information that said Entune was only available in English. So, we decided to ask Toyota.

Within a day we had an answer to our question:

Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

We appreciate your interest in the Entune system.

Per our resource, the system does not support additional languages at this time. If in the future it may remains to be determined.

I didn’t bother asking them what resource they were talking about, as the main Toyota Entune site sure didn’t list that information in any place that was easy to find.

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