Toyota Entune First Impressions

DailyTech had a chance to play with the Toyota Entune infotainment system last week, and there comments weren’t all positive. The Toyota Entune system now competes with Ford’s Sync and MyFord Touch, Kia’s UVO, and other systems sheduled to come out in the next year.

Toyota Entune will cost $1050 and come with the Tier III and Tier IV audio/entertainment option on Toyota vehicles. Ford’s Sync cost $295, and Ford’s MyTouch even costs less at $1,000.DailyTech says their first impression of the Toyota Entune system was “okay but not great.” When compared to Ford’s Sync, the Entune system does cover all of the same basic features including sports scores, weather, points of interest, cell-phone enable directions, and voice command controls for music playback.

Toyota’s Ken Glasser says Toyota plans to differentiate themselves by offering superior voice command. DUring the demonstration, Glasser’s voice commands were carried out perfectly. Earlier in the year, during the Ford Sync demo, that system was unresponsive to a handful of pre-planned commands.

DailyTech also complained about the Toyota Entune interface, saying it looked “bland, almost ugly.” The display also had a limited viewing angle – of course, some of these things could change in the final version actually sold to customers.

For safety reasons, the Toyota Entune system locks out navigation past a certain level while the car is in motion. DailyTech says the lockout seems arbitrary since you can still use the touch screen which is equally, if not more distracting than voice commanding the Toyota Entune Infotainment system.

DailyTech closes up their review with “Of course, these are only very rough impressions” saying they hope to get some extended time in a vehicle using the Toyota Entune system.

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