Toyota Entune comes out on top according to report

With the Ford Sync AppLink system close behind, the Toyota Entune infotainment system comes out as the winner.

A study of five production ready applications for vehicles showed that the Toyota Entune and Ford Syn apps achieved industry leading performance on at least four criteria. Criteria such as content variety, level of integration, implementation, and daily relevance.

Toyota Entune ahead of the competition

Among the 5 car apps compared, Toyota Entune ranked as the top overall, placing first in 3 of 4 categories, and placing second to the Ford Sync system with implementation. Toyota Entune offers a variety of content from the cloud. The only thing Toyota Entune was missing compared to other systems was the social networking feature. Despite it’s great options, the Toyota Entune system is still expensive at $150 a year when compared to the car apps from other manufacturers.

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