Toyota Camry gets mixed reviews

We all know you can’t please everyone – and that’s definitely the case with the 2012 Toyota Camry.

Some say Toyota Camry’s mileage is impressive, but the interior isn’t. Others say the standard equipment on the 2012 Toyota Camry SE is long and generous, including the Toyota Entune system. If you’ve purchased a Camry with the Toyota Entune system, then you were obviously part of the camp that thought it was a good purchase.

We hope this Toyota Entune forum is a useful resource for you as you explore all of the different features the Toyota Entune infotainment system has to offer!

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8 Responses to Toyota Camry gets mixed reviews

  1. Michael Johnston says:

    Entune was a huge waste of my money in my 2012 Camry. Only good thing is backup camera shows on dashboard screen and not in tiny rear view mirror like past cameras. It requires me to burn up phone data minutes while driving. Requires me to take eyes off road to use touch screen. If using cell phones while driving is deemed bad, using touch screen Entune is no different. My portable Nuvi GPS is more accurate for finding routes and facilities. Plugging my i-pod into car gets my music choices. I do not recommend Entune!!!

  2. jim says:

    Beware of Entune….it is a huge waste of money! This is my eighth and final Toyota purchase. Toyota used to be brand that you could trust to work. the Now that I have been fleeced out of my money for the entune system that works about 10% of the time, I now know that dependability is no longer a given at Toyota. You would have thought that Toyota’s quality control would have tested this system before rushing it to market. Not only doesn’t work, but it is anything but user friendly to fix and trouble shoot. A huge misstep by Toyota….my crystal ball sees a recall or a class action suit in the future.

  3. reality says:

    I have had no issues with my entune system. You can hardly blame Toyota for data usage on your cell phone as others here have and as far as connectivity that seems to be a problem with your cell service provider…the user interface is easy to use and the controls on the steering wheel as well as voice activated commands makes it much safer than using a cell. Again, I love my camry and entune.

    • Kurt Gearhart says:

      We have a fully loaded 2012 Camry Hybrid with the larger screen, upgraded navigation and Entune ($$$). The 2012 Toyota Entune System is all but unusable. It is has only recently started working with my iPhone 4. It randomly drops the bluetooth connection, often while the phone is ringing with my wife’s samsung phone. I gave up trying to make it work with my iPhone 4 as the experience was so unsatisfying, I almost returned the vehicle. The Entune service is confusing, difficult to get connected to your phone, requires a fee after several years and offers a much poorer experience than a smartphone by itself. Perhaps the most notable non-functioning element is the voice control. A frustrating and necessary feature since the navigation refuses input while moving. The Toyota voice features are a joke and should be the subject of media ridicule if not a Hollywood comedy routine. I have seen this poor voice control in my parents and friends Toyota products in the past several years, but we were always able to get it to work. Our 2012 Camry is worse than any voice command system I have ever seen. It is not a feature, but a source of constant frustration. It has NEVER (in 6 months) allowed us to set a navigation destination and the phone call success rate is about 50 percent. We like the Camry, but I am at a loss to explain how anyone can “love” the Entune system.

      • CBarcelles says:

        When using verbal commands for the navigation system, you must say the command exactly as listed on the screen. Example; Say “Destination” when looking for a physical address, followed by Street Number, Street Name, City and State (in that exact order) Say “Find Next” to find a P.O.I (business name) example Target, Walmart, Wal Green’s etc. Say “Call” followed by your contact’s name (exactly as entered in your phone contacts) and remember to always wait to give your command until AFTER you hear the beap.

  4. Michael says:

    I think people are reviewing this without understanding the entune system or having a poor phone/service . With the iPhone it is absolutely amazing.. Pandora and Iheart sound amazing through my jbl entune system and the maps app is so much easier than fumbling around with a phone while u drive and it offers so many neat options such as local restaurants and avoiding traffic.. If sound quality, managing apps better, and having more features does not appeal to u then don’t get it… For me, if the jbl system was not included, I probably would not have purchased it.. But as the overall package it was well worth the money in my opinion.. Then again, I got a screaming deal on my tacoma 🙂

  5. Bill says:

    I’ve had quite a few cars in my driving days and some had great stereo systems (Honda Accord). Toyota Entunes is not one of them. It is a complete waste of money and in my opinion one of the worst sounding systems ever installed in a car. The so called voice command is a joke. Even after going through the voice recognition setup, you still have to repeat simple commands over and over and often the computer still does not recognize the command. If I could easily remove this piece of crap from my Tacoma and install something else I would.

  6. James says:

    After three years of toyota double talk I am totally fed up. Entune and nav suck. These two items will kill sales in the future. I just traded my tacoma for a RAM 1500. The ram nav system is made by Garmin and makes toyota look like a piece of crap. I have owned toyotas for 20 years. I did not realizes there are much better american made cars out there.

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