Toyota USA launches Camry and Toyota Entune campaign

Toyota USA has launched it’s 2012 Toyota Camry campaign. The slogan is ‘It’s Ready. Are you?’

The 2012 Toyota Camry is one of Toyota’s first vehicles to offer the Toyota Entune system technology that allows owners to download a collection of popular modile apps and data services with the in-dash touch screen or by using voice commands.

The Toyota Camry has been America’s best selling car for 9 years in a row. Toyota claims the 2012 Camry is the most technologically advanced Camry ever, and the Toyota Entune system is definitely a big part of that.

The ‘It’s Ready. Are You?’ campaign focuses on the Toyota Camry’s performance, safety, and innovation, and will air during several top rated programs and during the 2012 Super Bowl.

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Toyota Entune Parental Controls

Hyundai’s Blue Link infotainment system offers 2 features that are of particular interest to me: speed alert and geo-fencing. As a parent of young drivers, I would hope that the Toyota Entune system will include these features as well.

Speed alert is part of the system that sends a text message to parents when their child’s car is driven faster than pre-determined speed.
Geo Fencing is similar, but it sends text messages to the parents when the car is driven outside of pre-determined boundaries.

According to, the Toyota Entune system in the 2012 Toyota Prius features “parental-oreinted functions like a GeoFencing capability that sends text alerts if a vehicle strays outside of a predefined area.” This is the first we’ve heard of these features being available on the Toyota Entune system, and we’re quite excited about it!

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In 2012, the Rav4 will have a Toyota Entune option

Toyota has announced a development in accessories offered with its Rav4 SUV with the introduction of it’s newest audio system. The Rav4 comes in 3 trim levels, the basic, the Sport, and the Limited.

An upgraded system is available on all 3 of these models that boasts bluetooth music streaming, hands free phone facility, and a phone book to make calls while you’re in the car.

The Limited edition will come with the Toyota Entune infotainment system, and the other models can have the Entune system added as an option.

The Toyota Entune service has apps for Bing™, iHeartRadio,, OpenTable®, and Pandora®. The modern features of the Toyota Entune system integrated into the vehicle also let you have information about stocks, sports, weather among others.

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Toyota Entune uses Pandora for music

It’s not news that the Toyota Entune infotainment system uses Pandora, we’ve all known that for some time. What is interesting, is the fact that some investment website are recommending Pandora as a possible investment.

Why? Because Pandora is embedded in the Toyota Entune system that is in the dashboards of Toyota Camrys, Toyota Tacomas and Toyota Prius that are rolling into showrooms across the country.

That means that anyone with an Android, Blackberry, or iPhone smartphone can access Pandora’s free music app with dashboard navigation. The Tacoma and Camry are top sellers in their respective vehicle classes, so Pandora’s reach is only growing wider – which usually means stock prices will go up!

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2012 Toyota 4-runner has Toyota Entune option

The Toyota 4runner has been Toyota’s legendary offroad SUV for decades. The 2012 model features rugged body-on-frame construction, and suspension technology that makes it ride smoother than most cars.

Standard on the Toyota 4runner Limited, and optional on other trim levels of the 4runner, is Toyota’s new infotainment system called Toyota Entune. The new system incorporates navigation, HD radio with iTunes tagging and text to speech, and Entune services.

Toyota Entune is a group of mobile applications and services, and comes with 3 years of complimentry access. Smart phones can be connected to the system via Bluetooth or a USB cable. Once connected, the Entune system can be controlled via the vehicles controls or voice recognition commands. Mobile apps for Bing,, Pandora music streaming are included. Sports scores, fuel price guidelines, stocks, traffic reports and weather apps are also available for the Toyota Entune system.

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Toyota Entune First Impressions

DailyTech had a chance to play with the Toyota Entune infotainment system last week, and there comments weren’t all positive. The Toyota Entune system now competes with Ford’s Sync and MyFord Touch, Kia’s UVO, and other systems sheduled to come out in the next year.

Toyota Entune will cost $1050 and come with the Tier III and Tier IV audio/entertainment option on Toyota vehicles. Ford’s Sync cost $295, and Ford’s MyTouch even costs less at $1,000. Continue reading

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Lack of details translates into concern about Toyota Entune system

A little bit of research online turns up lots of questions about the Toyota Entune system. The questions lead to skepticism, and pretty soon you have the Toyota Entune system getting a bad rap before it’s even available! Continue reading

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Toyota Entune featured on Tacoma, Camry and Prius

Toyota has announced that it will offer the new Toyota Entune infotainment system on the 2012 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, 2012 Toyota Camry, and 2012 Toyota Prius.

Continue reading

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Toyota Entune will be standard on the Prius Plug-in

Between the Prius and the Prius Plug-in models, very very little has changed – at least that’s visible. All the difference is under the hood. As far as the Entune infotainment system is concerned, every Prius Plug-in will come with one.

Toyota Entune on the 2012 Prius Plug-in Continue reading

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Prius V will have Toyota Entune

The Prius V will be one of the first vehicles to have the Toyota Entune system.

Check out some pictures of the Prius V including the Toyota Entune system integration in the Toyota Entune Forum:

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