Lack of details translates into concern about Toyota Entune system

A little bit of research online turns up lots of questions about the Toyota Entune system. The questions lead to skepticism, and pretty soon you have the Toyota Entune system getting a bad rap before it’s even available!

As much as it hurts, we have to wait for Toyota to answer questions and release more details on the Toyota Entune System.

Here are a few questions that I’ve come across:

  1. Are the Bing maps fully dependent on the smart phone having a working connection? Or does Toyota Entune come preloaded with maps, and the cell phone merely gets points of interest directly from Bing?
  2. Toyota says the Entune System is free for 3 years. What is the cost after that?
  3. Will the Toyota Entune system just download everything it pelases? What happens with people that don’t have unlimited data planson their cell phones?
  4. Does Toyota Entune store any personal information? Does the Entune system have access to emails or phone book data stored on your phone? And can someone else hack into your Entune system via their bluetooth phone/laptop etc?
  5. How long will Toyota support the Toyota Entune hardware and software? Or will there be new versions that people should upgrade to kind of like Windows? If I buy a Toyota Prius in 10 years with the Toyota Entune system, will it still work, or will it just be a blank screen in the middle of my dash because no one has bluetooth phones anymore?
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