Is Toyota Entune too advanced?

One of the big differences the way Toyota Entune works is that data is retrieved live. The huge advantage is that Toyota can/will constantly update their database, including the speech recognition system (when they see common items being misinterpretted etc) and there is no need to upgrade the in car system. Ford’s Sync requires the voice recognition system to be flash updated periodically.

The disadvantage with this method, hoever, is that Toyota Entune won’t work if you don’t have a signal – whether that’s driving through a tunnel or somewhere in the middle of no where – Entune will keep attempting to resend the signal until it goes through.

Picture of Restaurant SearchThe whole system is tied through your smartphone. That means there are no additional fees to the Toyota entune, other than data transfer rates on your phone, unlike GM and it’s OnStar. Are that many people already on a fast 3g network, or the even faster 4g network? In demonstrations, Entune was a little slow to respond. Toyota said users on a 4G network shouldn’t have any problems at all (wouldn’t Toyota want to make sure they had it hooked to the 4G network when they were demonstrating Entune for the first time?)

It will be interesting to see if these features are too advanced for most users to appreciate – is Toyota too far ahead of their time still? Let us know what you think in the forum

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