iHeartRadio part of Toyota Entune

This week, Clear Channel Radio announced the integration of iHeartRadio into the Toyota Entune multimedia system – I though we had known iHeartRadio would be on Toyota Entune for months, but apparently it’s fresh news!

Clear Channel Radio

Clear Channel Radio is the leading media company in America with a greater reach than any other radio or television outlet. With the addition of iHeartRadio, the Toyota Entune system will allow you to access all 800 channels of broadcast radio and commercial free, digital only stations from 150 cities across the country. Toyota Entune will also have access to commercial-free shows from Ryan Seacrest, Elvis Duran, and some of the top DJs and hosts around the country.

iHeartRadio’s presence in the Toyota Camry, America’s best selling car, and the Toyota Prius, America’s best selling hybrid, gives Clear Channel another way to deliver on their promise to be wherever listeners are. “It makes perfect sense that Clear Channel would partner with Toyota to include iHeartRadio, the leading digital radio service, in these vehicles,” said Brian Lakamp, President of Clear Channel Digital.

iHeartRadio will be available on select Toyota Entune-equipped vehicles.

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3 Responses to iHeartRadio part of Toyota Entune

  1. Renee Blanton says:

    When will iheart radio app become available for the 2012 Camry?

  2. William says:

    How do you access it?

  3. Tim McMahon says:

    Is ‘Entune’ available within 2018 Toyota RAV4?

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