Europe’s version of Toyota Entune gets MirrorLink

The European spec version of the Toyota Entune system is called the Toyota Touch, and the advanced system called the Toyota Touch and Go.

Toyota Entune and Nokia phone using MirrorLink technology

On Toyota’s iQ (not the Scion iQ) in Europe, Toyota just announced that the Toyota Entune / Touch system is the first platform to support the Car Connectivity Consortium’s MirrorLink technology.

MirrorLink technology ports an exact replica of the smartphone’s display to the iQ’s seven inch touchscreen. So far, Nokia has a car-mode app that allows their phones to pass display data to the Toyota Entune / Touch system. Applie iPhone users will soon be able to download an application as well.

“Complete audiovisual connectivity to the Apple iPod also comes as standard on Toyota Touch Life (Toyota Entune), giving users complete access to their music and video collection using either steering wheel-based controls or buttons located on the infotainment system.”

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3 Responses to Europe’s version of Toyota Entune gets MirrorLink

  1. Frank Tate says:


    So I just ordered a Prius v with Entune. A few hours ago and I was sitting hear with my iPhone 4s in hand thinking to myself… Why didn’t Toyota simply develop a touch-screen so that I can mirror my iPhone to it. So instead of movie tickets and open table and whatever other lame apps Toyota decides is right for me, I would have access to thousands of apps plus my music plus my movies right in my Prius. An exact mirror of my iPhone… and the not have to learn anything new regarding another interface.

    And then lo and behold, I just read that they are doing just that with the Entune Euro version, Touch-plus or whatever they call it!

    Unbelievable! WTF!

    If Toyota had been working with Apple instead of Microsoft, this would have happened for everyone, simply and just as intuitively as my iPhone.

  2. patryn says:

    The current version of Entune in Europe today is known as “Toyota Touch & Go” and “Toyota Touch & Go+”, these versions does not come with mirror-link, Oh… mirror-link is not supported by Microsoft but Symbian.

    Apple is not great either, with the new iPhone5 it may have killed its own ipod-out.
    Toyota can do it on their own, they need to work closely with a phone company to deliver such options.

  3. SG says:

    Can somebody confirm is Entune is available in Europe for Toyota Prius 3 ?
    Where can you download the upgrade?

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