Voicebox and Toyota form strategic relationship to deliver in car voice technology

Today VoiceBox Technologies announced that it has entered into an agreement with Toyota motor sales to develop innovative car voice products and capabilities. Toyota is an industry pioneering adopter of voice technology and started deploying VoiceBox for advanced voice capabilities in the 2009 Lexus. More recently, Toyota is using VoiceBox in its Toyota Entune multimedia system.

under the terms of this agreement Toyota and VoiceBox will deliver in car voice innovations exclusive to Lexus and Toyota. VoiceBox is opening a location in Japan to catalyze these initiatives and voicebox is expanding its engineering effort to dedicate more resources towards research and prototyping.

VoiceBox has patented technology that determines context and intent from free-form speech that can dynamically complete a request. Voicebox technologies CEO Mike Kennewick says “we are excited to work with Toyota to develop innovative in car voice products and capabilities.”

Toyota motor sales USA says “at Toyota we feel that fast voice technology that uses not just words but context, is key to helping our customers enjoy their vehicles in fun and intuitive ways.”

Toyota plans to use Voicebox technology in its award-winning Toyota Entune multimedia system.

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Toyota’s legendary Land Cruiser receives enhancements for 2013

The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser recently celebrated 60 years since it was first launched in Japan. The Land Cruiser has remained constant in the US lineup for more than 50 years. The 2013 Land Cruiser will include the Toyota Entune multimedia system as well as other enhancements. Continue reading

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Toyota Prius C gets Toyota Entune infotainment system

The Toyota Prius C is a slightly smaller Toyota Prius four door hatchback, aimed at the younger generations and set to take on sporty hatchbacks like the Mazda 3 and Honda Fit.

The Toyota Prius C will get the same Toyota Entune system as the Toyota Camry, Toyota Tacoma, and an ever-growing number of new Toyota offerings for the year 2012. Continue reading

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Toyota Camry turn commuting into computing

Toyota Entune Screen

Toyota has turned the tedious task of commuting into an enjoyable, and dare we say even fun experience with the Toyota Entune system available in the 2012 Camry. The Toyota has been known as America’s best selling car for it’s durability and reliability for some time, and the Toyota Entune system takes it to a whole new level.

With the Toyota Entune, you get a whole bunchof smartphone connected apps for easy access to real time information like traffic and weather via Bing, high quality music from iHeartRadio, and customized playlists from Pandora.

You can do all this and more with the Toyota Entune infotainment system without sacrificing quality – Toyota Entune’s touchscreen is easy to navigate, and has an advanced voice recognition to help you use the system safely while on the road.

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Toyota Camry gets mixed reviews

We all know you can’t please everyone – and that’s definitely the case with the 2012 Toyota Camry.

Some say Toyota Camry’s mileage is impressive, but the interior isn’t. Others say the standard equipment on the 2012 Toyota Camry SE is long and generous, including the Toyota Entune system. If you’ve purchased a Camry with the Toyota Entune system, then you were obviously part of the camp that thought it was a good purchase.

We hope this Toyota Entune forum is a useful resource for you as you explore all of the different features the Toyota Entune infotainment system has to offer!

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iHeartRadio part of Toyota Entune

This week, Clear Channel Radio announced the integration of iHeartRadio into the Toyota Entune multimedia system – I though we had known iHeartRadio would be on Toyota Entune for months, but apparently it’s fresh news! Continue reading

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Toyota Entune comes out on top according to report

With the Ford Sync AppLink system close behind, the Toyota Entune infotainment system comes out as the winner.

A study of five production ready applications for vehicles showed that the Toyota Entune and Ford Syn apps achieved industry leading performance on at least four criteria. Criteria such as content variety, level of integration, implementation, and daily relevance.

Toyota Entune ahead of the competition

Among the 5 car apps compared, Toyota Entune ranked as the top overall, placing first in 3 of 4 categories, and placing second to the Ford Sync system with implementation. Toyota Entune offers a variety of content from the cloud. The only thing Toyota Entune was missing compared to other systems was the social networking feature. Despite it’s great options, the Toyota Entune system is still expensive at $150 a year when compared to the car apps from other manufacturers.

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Europe’s version of Toyota Entune gets MirrorLink

The European spec version of the Toyota Entune system is called the Toyota Touch, and the advanced system called the Toyota Touch and Go.

Toyota Entune and Nokia phone using MirrorLink technology

On Toyota’s iQ (not the Scion iQ) in Europe, Toyota just announced that the Toyota Entune / Touch system is the first platform to support the Car Connectivity Consortium’s MirrorLink technology.

MirrorLink technology ports an exact replica of the smartphone’s display to the iQ’s seven inch touchscreen. So far, Nokia has a car-mode app that allows their phones to pass display data to the Toyota Entune / Touch system. Applie iPhone users will soon be able to download an application as well.

“Complete audiovisual connectivity to the Apple iPod also comes as standard on Toyota Touch Life (Toyota Entune), giving users complete access to their music and video collection using either steering wheel-based controls or buttons located on the infotainment system.”

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Toyota Entune language questions

Over the past weeks, here at the Toyota Entune Forum we’ve seen a bunch of questions all centered around the Toyota Entune language support.

* Are there different languages for Toyota Entune?
* How many languages does Toyota Entune support?
* Does Toyota Entune have multiple languages?
* What languages does Toyota Entune support?

After thoroughly looking over the Toyota Entune website, we couldn’t find any information that talked about multiple languages, but we also couldn’t find any information that said Entune was only available in English. So, we decided to ask Toyota.

Within a day we had an answer to our question:

Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

We appreciate your interest in the Entune system.

Per our resource, the system does not support additional languages at this time. If in the future it may remains to be determined.

I didn’t bother asking them what resource they were talking about, as the main Toyota Entune site sure didn’t list that information in any place that was easy to find.

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Use Toyota Entune to connect with your car

Even as a fan of the Toyota Entune system and of the Toyota Entune forum, tt’s been a while since I’ve been to Toyota’s official Toyota Entune site. Toyota has some nice videos up there including animations that give a quick overview of the different Entune features and why someone would find them useful.

The Entune website also has a video on getting started, how to use the Toyota Entune multimedia sysem. If you get stuck, feel free to come back to the Toyota Entune Forum and post your questions there.

If you’re having trouble with your Toyota System not being able to connect to the internet, check out this post: Toyota Entune Forum: can’t get online?

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