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USB drive plays multi-disc albums in wrong order - HELP!
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Author:  wjohnson925waj [ Wed May 30, 2018 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  USB drive plays multi-disc albums in wrong order - HELP!

In our Toyota Camry 2017, playing music from a USB drive has the startling problem that it plays by track number order without paying attention to the disc number tag. So, if you're playing a broadway show like Hamilton, or an opera, or anything that needs to be played in order but has multiple discs, then the stereo plays
(1) track 1 from disc 1,
(2) track 1 from disc 2,
(3) track 2 from disc 1,
(4) track 2 from disc 2,
et cetera.
Is there any way to fix this? I am comfortable editing the ID3 tags for the digital audio files, but it would be a lot of labor to go in and change the track numbers for all our multi-disc albums, since we are heavily invested in classical music, opera, shows. We have thousands of AAC files. HELP!!

(The only lead I have on this after many searches is that Windows Media Player does or did have exactly this problem, one that could however be fixed by the WMP Plus plugin. I wonder, but of course do not know, if the problem may be that Toyota used this version of WMP.)

Thanks in advance for any tips![/color]

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