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Author:  crimewatcher [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Entune & USB

Had a 2014 RAV4 with Entune and it would NEVER remember the random mode when listening to MP3's on a USB stick. Went round and round with Toyota and they didn't seem to care about it forgetting random was on when the car was turned off and back on again. The dealership couldn't help either because they could only install any software/firmware updates that came from Toyota.

Visited my dealership and looked at 2017 RAV4. Told the salesman that if the 2017 had the same problem with Entune forgetting the random mode, I would not buy another Toyota. Low and behold Toyota fixed the problem! Or at least they did on my new 2017 RAV4 SE. Very happy with RAV4 number 3 ;)

The 2017 version of Entune still has some issues. While it does remember you had the random mode set, you still cannot display different directories or create custom playlists on the USB stick.

This works if you want to have different "playlists" for yourself or others that drive the vehicle. We choose not to get a CD player. My 1st thought was to get a 2nd USB stick for my wife's music but thought there has to be another way.

Since Entune doesn’t have the option to select a specific directory on the flash drive or create custom playlists. The only menu options are artist, album, songs, genres and composer.

I created two directories on a flash drive and copied my MP3’s to one directory and my wife’s MP3’s to the other directory. Multiple directories can be created for different types of music. Classical, Hymns, Christmas, etc.

Then I used an ID tag editor software on my computer to change the composer tags on all my songs to Tom. Changed all her composer tags to Paula. Now all she has to do is hit the push to talk button and say “play composer Paula” and it will randomly play only her songs. Some ID tag editors will allow you to change multiple songs at the same time – AKA batch processing.

Since all the songs are on one flash drive, you can still use the push to talk button and say play track (or artist) ______ and it will play the song(s). Only downside to this is if I listen to one of the songs from her directory, it will continue to play her songs. All you need to do is tell it to play composer _______ and it will switch to the other “playlist”.

If you don't want to change the tags on the computer, make the changes to the composer tags on the songs on the flash drive.

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