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iPhone USB audio on 2013 Prius v
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Author:  dhd [ Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  iPhone USB audio on 2013 Prius v

Hi! I recently bought a 2013 Prius v. After a few years of driving carshare Prius Cs and rented Corollas I expected that the audio system would work the same way and yet somehow it doesn't...

On these other Toyotas, when you plug an iPhone into the USB it shows up in the audio sources as "iPhone" and all audio from the phone goes through the car stereo. This is great! You can use Google Maps or even Apple Maps for navigation while charging at the same time.

But on my 2013 Prius, when I plug in my iPhone it just shows up as "iPod" and the only way to get audio to go through the car stereo is to play music from the phone - meaning that navigation on the phone doesn't work unless you are listening to music.

Yes, I know that the workaround is to use Bluetooth. But for various reasons I would prefer to use USB. So I have these two questions:

1. Is there any way to update Entune on my older car so that it works the same way with the iPhone?
2. When did Entune start recognizing iPhones as iPhones and is it specific to some models?


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