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Entune App drops/clears login information randomly
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Author:  SidewaysSherry [ Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Entune App drops/clears login information randomly

I have an 2016 Toyota Tacoma DCSB 4 x 4. Currently I use the iPhone 8 to connect to the audio/navigation/media system, previously I had an iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6 that were connected using the Entune app. This issue has occurred with all three of the phones.

So, I enter my email address and my password to connect and everything works just fine. However, after I drive my truck several times (and it is a random number of times, could be 4,7,10 times) the Entune app will drop/clear my email and password login info therefore, it cannot automatically connect any longer. I don’t usually realize this until I have been driving for a few minutes and then attempt to use the voice command for the navigation. After several failed attempts I realize what has happened again and I have to go to the app on my phone and re-enter the email address and password to login. Why does the app keep dropping/clearing the login information from the app? This is very annoying and actually is dangerous because it causes me to have to fill in the login information while driving. Is there an option where I can choose for the app to remember my login information? I have looked through all options of the app and cannot fund any options regarding that.

(I would insert a photo of the login screen for the app but I don’t know how. :-/)

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