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 Post subject: Re: Entune is a huge waste of money
PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:52 pm 

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Well it's 2016 and Entune is still a boat anchor.

I pushed hard and got two (2) tech from SE Toyota to ride with me in the car and watch navigation get it wrong more than it got it correct.

Voice recognition does not work, they provided me the speech how it was necessary to use the script provided on the entune screen to make Voice Recognition work...

My response is do I read the script or drive the car and I had no intention of relearning english for a machine the machine is supposed to be working for me. My $600.00 Android phone does not require script to use Voice Recognition and is far more functional on every level of use that Entune.

Needless to say the road trip with the techs was over, they took the car back into the shop under the guise of further checks and system testing. Once they were done they called me to an office and explained that the system was "Working as designed" and they were not going to pursue any other avenue of correction since all replacement Head units are rebuilt and work worse that what I have.

I thank them for their time and said I wanted a $3000.00 refund for entune since it is not truthfully sold or marketed, The web site indicates "advanced Voice Recognition". I was corrected in the Entune Premium is around $3500.00

I started to e-mail everyone at the dealership and Toyota executive offices in California.

The Executive office expected the dealer to contact me and provide the refund but I did not hear from them nor did the dealership contact the executive offices.

I got a call from Toyota they offered me the 8 YR/125K mile warranty at no cost and would let me know when the dealer contacted them.

I sent an e-mail thanking my contact in California for the Extended Warranty and looked forward to hearing from them once the dealer had called.

Next day the dealer e-mails me and offers a buyback of the RAV at a significant loss of course, I responded we were not interested in selling back the car.

At any rate some at Toyota understand the issues and the frustration people are having with Entune and are willing to stand up and provide some relief.

No one is willing to provide the screen codes to access the "backend" of the entune OS. The OS is provided by QNX a subsidiary of Blackberry, the OS is available for download and testing but I have not been able to locate a functional copy Entune front end. Without the the Screen code to access the backend the only way to enhance Entune is thru an update via the USB

The RAV4 Hybrid is an excellent automobile it cost less than .007 Cents a mile to operate the lack of a high quality Infotainment system is a big setback for Toyota.

There are Android Automotive Radios that can be installed in place of the Entune system that are far more functional.

If anyone know how to access the service screens in Entune please share.

 Post subject: Re: Entune is a huge waste of money
PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:02 am 

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Good luck on your endeavors but Toyota isn't really much different than 'The Big 3' in as it's all about making $$$.

 Post subject: Re: Entune is a huge waste of money
PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:31 pm 

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I have a 2016 Avalon that I purchased in October 2016.

I agree that Toyota Entune is a huge waste of money. And if one were to pursue efforts with a dealership service department a huge waste of time can be added to the list of things wasted. This is of course on top of the time already wasted with usual efforts one takes when troubleshooting, thing such as removing devices, repairing devices, software upgrades etc.

I'm not going to spend too much time at the moment outlining my longer list of gripes but here are a few that pop into mind.

1. Upon connection it autoplays music from my iPhone without asking. It just does it. Regardless of whether I was listening to nothing, Podcast, music, or whatever - it always picks the same song that I never listen to. If I remove the song (or album) it then starts selecting something else it wants to play upon every device connection.

2. If I'm listening to nothing, and then I take a phone call and then complete the phone call, it then starts playing the same song mentioned above. If I'm listening to nothing when I take a phone call, do not assume I want to listen to some song I don't want to listen to instead of enjoying the peace & quiet I had before taking the phone call. If I'm listening to an audiobook, a podcast or nothing, and take a phone call, don't assume that when I complete the call I instead want to listen to that same stupid song mentioned above.

3. Bluetooth phone call connectivity seems fairly reliable, but bluetooth music device connectivity is hopelessly broken. It fails 90% of the time. Music and podcasts resemble a severely scratched CD.

4. There is no way to designate a default device to connect to. I had to remove my wife's phone connection because it would always default to her phone. And of course with her phone it would always autoplay her audiobooks.

5. The navigation is pathetic. Several times it has instructed me to make a u-turn even though I know the destination is straight ahead. Sometimes I use the nav system only because I may not be quite sure where to take a particular turn, and to have it tell me to go 180° the wrong way is quite infuriating.

I'm done with Toyota. My Venza was a mechanical nightmare one would expect from a Ford Pinto of the 1970s. This Avalon is lacking in drink holders & rear-seat USB connectivity, and the Entune system is so pathetic Toyota should be embarrassed for themselves.

Yes I have been to the Toyota dealer where I bought it. They applied a software update (why can't I do this on my own). This software update made things even worse. That was a half day of time wasted.

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