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entune system locked up
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Author:  jwinstead [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:53 am ]
Post subject:  entune system locked up

I bought a 2012 toyota prius in March of this year. about 2 months ago toyota sent an entune flashdrive for me to install & update the entune system. The flashdrive locked up the entune system. I called the customer service number included with the flashdrive, they said to take it to the dealership where I got the car & they would install it for me. I took the car 4 weeks ago, they (after 5 hours) told me the computer to the entune system had a glitch in it & would have to be replaced. they said they would order it, that it should be in within 1 week & they would call me, I gave them my cell phone number. 1 week later-no call; another week later-no call; another week later-no call. I then took the car in for maintenance & asked what the status was on the repair of my entune system. The lady said "go have a seat & someone will come & talk to you". 2 hours later, I was told that they would have to order the harddrive to the entune system & they kept the flashdrive. I asked what happened to what they ordered before & that should be in by now. The guy responded that "Toyota canceled that order". Not only did toyota in a round about way say they were not going to fix it, but, noone at the dealership had the courtesty to even call me & tell me there was a problem & did not even try to reorder, knowing I did not have what I paid for to use in this new car!! They tell me that they have no idea how long it will take to get the new harddrive & that it was a nationwide problem! So why wasn't it reordered; why didn't they do something to fix what toyota broke!!! No help from this department. I will never buy a toyota car again & I plan to tell as many people about this as possible!!!
That system cost around $2000.00-worthless!!

Author:  coleenB [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: entune system locked up

I was told over the phone by an Entune specialist that the over the air update was going to actually be a USB update and they were going to start sending them out to customers next week. Let me know if anybody gets one. buy a car

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